April 1st 2008, We have been added 5 our Expert Advisor for Free to our Affiliate

pipsland EA

PipsLandEA_v.2 is our Recommended EA which commonly can giving stable profit 10% - 40% a month. This EA made from combined Trend Follower System and Martingale, with version 2 this EA can detection Range to enable open, so this EA more stable and safely than before. For Download to trial version Click Here. If you want to use this EA on Live Account you can following Step By Step section below.

We have been develop many Expert Advisor wich many strategy used. And now we will giving you for free, but only for our affiliate. We will explained about our Expert Advisor: Below List Our Expert Advisor for detail EA click Below:

1. ROBOTX-21 Expert Advisor click here

2. PipsLand GRID Expert Advisor click here

3. PipsLand Expert Advisor v.2 click here

4. AirForceFx Expert Advisor click here

5. NeuronBlaster Expert Advisor click here

Click here to see detail our EA and Open Account Now !!


News Release :Quota For Free Unlimited EA is Reached

March 23rd 2008, Our Offer for Free unlimited EA is Reached, our affiliate who request our EA is out of our Quota so we now close Offer Free Unlimited PipsLand EA for public.

Because of many people request for this EA we still Giving Free for this EA but with Restriction : Our Client Can use this EA for Free only for 5 Month



PipsLand is a groups of Experience Forex Trader who developing a strategy to make an Expert Advisor. we offer for all visitor about Manage Account with our Expert Advisor. Why we choose trade using expert advisor? because an Expert Advisor (Automated Trading) have no emotion and can solve the human error when we trade self.

How to Join or Using our Expert Advisor?

We Have 3 Options :

1.Get Expert Advisor for Free for your Account only which registered under our Affiliate

Step By Step to get our Expert Advisor (EA) :

  • After finish open account over our affiliate Send your Account to our E-mail Example:
    to : pips.land@yahoo.co.id
    Subject : Register PipsLand EA
    Mail : Your Account : (ex: 195623)
    Type Account : (ex: MiniLite)
    EA name : (ex :pipslandEA_v.2)
  • We will Send our Expert Advisor for your Account Only to your Email max 48 hours

2. We Offer Manage Account if you have not a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to place our Expert Advisor to your Account

PipsLand Offering a Manage account to all our affiliate if you have not VPS (Virtual Private Server). We not to take the profit from your profit but we have fee to manage your account, all fee included the VPS fee. To join to us in manage account service you must Accept our Terms click here

Step By Step to join our Manage Account :

  • Doing Deposit to your new Account at Lite Forex
    Our Recommended:
    + MiniLite Acct : 100$ (on US Cents) - Unlimited
    + 100KLite Acct : 1,000$ (on US Cents) - Unlimited
    + MiniForex Acct : 1,000$ (on US Dollar) - Unlimited
    + 100KForex Acct : 10,000$ (on US Dollar) - Unlimited
  • Send Your Payment Manage Account fee which listed below about the fee of service manage account using PayPal, LibertyReserve, E-Bullion, Webmoney, MoneyBookers :
    +100$ - 500$ fee 10$/Month
    +501$ - 1000$ fee 20$/Month
    +1001$ - 1500$ fee 30$/Month
    +1501$ - 2000$ fee 40$/Month
    +etc every increase 500$ fee add 10$
  • After finish Send your Manage Account Detail and Payment to Our Email
    to : pips.land@yahoo.co.id
    Subject : Register PipsLand Manage Account
    Mail : Fee Manage Acct : (ex: 10$ for 1Month PayPal/Egold Acct)
    Your Account : (ex: 195623)
    Type Account : (ex: MiniLite)
    Leverage : (ex: 1:200)
    Trader Password : ********
    Total Deposit : (ex: 100$ or 10,000 USCents)
    EA name : (ex :pipslandEA_v.2)
  • After you Send to us your Manage Acct Detail we well verified shortly 48 hours
  • And you can check your account already Managed every day use our Expert Advisor

3. We Offer Request If You want to get This EA on another Broker/Dealer

If you want to get this EA on another broker, we have been solve that’s problem. We give you another options : for fee of our EA on another Broker/Dealer 50$ Free for minimal 5 Month, if you want to continous the EA you can request and pay fee again for minimal 5 Month

Step By Step to get Our Expert Advisor for another Broker :

  • You must accept Our Terms and Agreement click here
  • Pay Fee of EA 50$ for minimum 5 Month to Our E-Payment Account (E-Bullion, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Webmoney, LibertyReserve)
  • After finish open account on Your Broker Send your Account to our E-mail
    ex: to : pips.land@yahoo.co.id
    Subject : Register PipsLand EA BROKER
    Mail : Your Account : (ex: 195623)
    Type Account : (ex: Mini)
    Leverage : (ex: 1:200)
    Broker/Dealer : (ex: Interbank)
    Fee EA : 50$ Over E-Bullion Account xxxxxxxxx
  • After we are verified your registration, we will Send our Expert Advisor for your Account Only to your Email max 48 hours

If you any question about 3 options above please contact us

We Hope we can help to all people, to get a better financial over forex trading.

Best Regards,
PipsLand Groups